Driven By Quality

Reefer boxes for South Africa: Since March 2016, Schmitz Cargobull have partnered with GRW in the development and assembly of new refrigerated trailers and box bodies for the South African market.

GRW, based in Worcester, South Africa, is a leading transport equipment designer, manufacturer, and service provider of a wide range of quality, cutting-edge tankers and trailers. GRW was founded in 1996 by Gerhard van der Merwe, Wentzel van der Merwe and Rossouw van Eeden. Originally, the company manufactured only tankers. However, a more diverse portfolio, serving various markets and applications, has been developed over the last six years. To be competitive flexibility was required: resulting in the design and manufacture of reefer semi-trailers and rigids, as well as flatdecks, and more recently curtainsiders.

“Our philosophy is to offer the best in class,” asserts CEO, Gerhard van der Merwe. “That’s why we approached Schmitz Cargobull, because in our eyes they produce the best reefer boxes in the world: a perfect partnership.”

GRW serves industries ranging from petroleum, chemicals, construction and mining to fast-moving consumer goods, perishable temperature-controlled goods, palletised goods and break-bulk general cargo.

“The majority of our vehicles are equipped according to customer requirements,” says van der Merwe. “We sell our products on total cost of ownership, so our focus is on customer service, as well as the innovation and quality of our products.” GRW has approximately 800 employees, 640 of whom are based in the headquarters and ultra-modern manufacturing complex in Worcester. A further 160 employees operate in the company’s own service centres in South Africa’s economic hubs of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Numerous partners in more remote areas also provide comprehensive services. A broad, 24-hour after-sales support network to customers is guaranteed.

In 2016 GRW produced and sold a total of 1220 trailers. 45 Refrigeration trailers were manufactured since November 2016. There are currently another 80 units in the order books.

These are positive signs to a slow recovery of the South African economy, which augurs well for a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship between GRW and Schmitz Cargobull.